What does Holistic Dentistry Mean?

Includes the use of:

  • A clinical assessment consists of an evaluation of your face (bones and soft tissue) as well as the inside of your mouth: New literature shows the relationship between your posture muscles used during swallowing, chewing and speaking of your body, as well as mouth breathing, has lasting effects on the facial growth of the face, as well as the position of the teeth.
  • Dental and medical history: Depending on dental, whole body health status and level of complexity of symptoms, patients will undertake one of three types of assessments:
    1. Basic comprehensive dental assessment.
    2. Basic comprehensive dental and detailed medical history.
    3. Full comprehensive dental and medical history with laboratory investigations (blood assessments/ Hain periodontal health)
    4. Vital signs test: Visual acuity, mineral-testing, blood pressure, oxygenation, Vitamin D, and immune modulation nutrition.
  • Radiographic dental x-rays: Panorex (full jaw view) and periapical (single tooth zoomed in view).
  • Dental photography: High definition images using a macro lens and flash to view and discuss your treatment in full view.
  • Dental models: To reconstruct the full 3rd view of the teeth, and the relationship of top and bottom jaw with one another.