General & Kids Dentistry

Everybody in our centre welcomes children. Our relaxed environment will help create a positive first impression. Many times it will determine the course of future dentistry for the young individual’s adolescent and adult experiences.

We strive to give them extra attention and care, with our prime objective being the creation of trust and confidence. This is stressed during the first appointment, in which no actual treatment is carried out, but only a playful introduction to the dentist, the dental equipment and tools, after which an examination is completed.

On treatment days, smaller children feel much safer than when on the parent’s lap. They get to explore all the tools the dentist uses. All procedures are first demonstrated on something else out of the mouth. All these measures including the actual filling of a single tooth may take an entire hour.

All fillings are biocompatible and tooth-coloured. Nothing is done by force, but with understanding and mutual trust. If needed, fear and anxiety are handled with natural remedies and colour therapy.

It is essential to understand that children are quick to pick up stresses and nervousness from their parents. For this reason,“ sharp” language is avoided; “be brave now, it's not going to hurt, there is nothing to be afraid of, if you are brave, we’ll give you a sweet to…” are often phrases used by nervous parents and are counterproductive. Instead, our experienced team knows how to relax our patients and to make the experience a positive one to remember.

Parents have to realise that children under the age of 5 may not co-operate, even when all these measures are taken. This is particularly true if they have already been through traumatic experiences, or if their dental decay is so extensive that painless dentistry cannot be avoided. In such a case, the only options left would be to arrange a visit to the community dental clinic which can use sedation.