Myofunctional Treatment

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Some people have heard about Myobraces in passing yet most are understandably unaware of what this orthodontic treatment approach is really all about. Myobraces are meant to remedy problematic oral muscle functionality. The overarching aim is to correct kids' developing tooth and jaw misalignments. Such issues with the jaw and teeth are typically evident as soon as 4 years of age.

Oral Muscle Pressure
If oral muscle pressure is abnormal, it has the potential to alter the position of teeth and affect the stability of the dental arch. Oral health care experts agree everything from the pressure applied by the tongue and lips to childhood habits impact tooth position. Examples of such poor childhood habits include thumb-sucking, lip-sucking, finger-sucking, biting of the fingernails and the thrusting of the tongue against the backs of the teeth.

About Myobraces
Myobraces address the flawed myofunctinal habits detailed above. This treatment is specifically designed for youngsters. The aim of enhancing flawed myofunctional habits as soon as possible is to ensure the child has optimal dental alignment and jaw growth across posterity. The challenge is to pinpoint the true cause of the crooked or otherwise altered teeth as quickly as possible.

Ideally, the initial signs of crooked teeth or other flaws will be identified at an early age when the child is still capable of responding to Myobrace treatment. When applied at the proper point in time, Myobrace treatment decreases or even eliminates the need for subsequent treatment through dental braces. Myobraces establish the foundation for proper jaw bone growth, generating the space necessary for the teeth to grow as they should from the early years onward.

How Myobrace Treatment Works
Myobraces rely on a series of appliances that improve oral health in a number of important ways. These specialized appliances improve flawed habits that lead to improper dental development while simultaneously applying light forces that align teeth into the perfect positions. All a patient has to do is wear the Myobrace appliance for an hour or two each day and at night while sleeping. This use along with a combination of myofunctional exercises on a daily basis will spur significant change in surprisingly little time. The specific appliances used hinge on the child's unique orthodontic issues as well as his or her age.

Myobrace treatment ultimately helps your child breathe through the nose as opposed to the mouth, keep the lips together, swallow properly and attain the proper tongue resting position. This treatment will develop and align the jaws, correct those flawed oral habits, improve facial development and ultimately straighten the teeth.

  1. Myobrace treatment does more than simply straighten the teeth that are toward the front of the mouth. Myobraces also eliminate negative influences on patients' teeth as well a facial development. Myobraces help kids as they prevent improper muscular habits from developing that can compromise the development of the face. Furthermore, Myobrace treatment enhances patient posture stemming from a healthier jaw. Myobraces have the potential to minimize allergies. This oral health solution can even reduce problems with the jaw joints, teeth and the mouth as a whole.
  2. Intervention with Myobraces at just the right point in time can prevent thumb-sucking. This nasty habit has the potential to compromise facial development. When applied at the proper time, Myobraces can even prevent the need for braces as the patient ages. The best part about Myobraces is there is no need to extract permanent teeth. Have your child give Myobrace treatment a try and he or she might even have improved facial balance. Some even testify Myobraces are a hit with their kids as there is no need to wear them to school. Therefore, kids will have no fear of their peers teasing them for using an oral health solution. Finally, Myobraces are favored by youngsters across the globe as they are quite comfortable, especially compared to braces.
  3. When is the best age for Myobrace treatment to be applied?
    Myobraces have the potential to remedy an array of oral health issues. The question is when is the best time for Myobraces to be applied. In general, most dentists tend to agree that Myobrace treatment is best applied to children when they are still growing. Ideally, Myobraces will be applied at the point in time when the first permanent teeth show. These teeth typically show between the ages of 6-10. In general, Myobraces should be applied when the patient is between the ages of 5 and 15. As long as your child is between these ages and you believe he or she will prove capable of wearing Myobraces for an hour each day and at night while sleeping, you have everything to gain from trying this breakthrough treatment.
  4. In Adults: treatment is possible ,especially in relapses of fixed orthodontic treatment;it may take longer than children. Treatment maybe accentuated and accelerated by a more intensive approach in using appliances for a longer duration and following exercises and diet program more intensely.

Timely treatment with Myobraces and other proven approaches really does have the potential to improve your child's dental health. Early treatment as your child’s teeth and jaw are developing will help correct the habits that caused the problems to start with. Whether the issue is one or several crooked teeth, compromised facial development or anything else, Myobraces has the potential to put your little one on the path toward flawless oral health as he or she transitions into adulthood.

General Health of the recipient of the treatment is approved-namely:
  • Lung compliance
  • Balance in heart rate(Na-K pump)
  • Reversal of allergies/sinusitis
  • Sleep related breathing disorders
  • Snoring
  • Ph Imbalances
Adjuvants in treatment:-
  • Dietary change from Acidity to alkalinity
  • Sound Therapy
  • Swimming
  • Breathing program