Hain test
A hain test is a simple, accurate test to mark specific bacteria or pathogens in your mouth that are associated with periodontal disease. This allows the rate of the therapy to significantly increase the success while the relapse rate is dramatically reduced.

Piezoelectric scaler
The piezoelectric scaler is excellent for plaque and calculus. The use of Piezo scalers are much faster and also result in less operator wrist fatigue than hand scaling.

The laser dramatically decreases the number of deep pockets bacteria and lowers the microbial count. The laser kills the germs over a large area of the infected root, tissues, and bone. It does this with the laser light tuned to the harmful bacteria shining through the contaminated areas, like a flashlight that shines through the back of your hand killing germs as the laser beam penetrates and sees only the harmful microbes and infected tissue. Kill rates of disease-producing germs have been reported as high as 99.9% in the scientific literature.

Biomechanical irrigation
The technique has been shown to provide an efficient means of application of anti-plaque and anti-inflammatory agents under the gum margins.

Oxysafe gel and mouth-wash.
Oxysafe gel and mouth-wash are a patented oxygen technology that acts from the outside to the inside by quickly penetrating the bacterial biofilm in the gum tissue. The anaerobic bacteria are destroyed, and a regenerating effect is activated in the inflamed swollen gum tissue. All the above procedures allow for the non-surgical periodontal restoration of health.